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Paul Gunther, Gay Giordano, Charles Davey

Rizzoli New York


My earliest memories of cake batter undulating off the mixer beaters evolved into painting, clay, and any other available medium conventional or un, to capture the ultra-sensory world around me. My subject has been nature, offering all forms and lush, fluid colors in the shape of a tiger's stripes, the iridescent flash of a butterfly's wing, or the tight interlocking pattern of the scales of a python wrapped around tree bark. The natural world was my vehicle for combining form and color into a tactile language that defined my experience. In 2018 I experienced a lightning strike that fractured my perception, changing my visual language. Instead of flow, I'm now drawn to a fragmentary patterned language. My mediums are mixed and sparkling, hard materials and plastic, encompassing the fracturing, pixelated inner world too impatient for paint and reflecting an outer world electrified by speed and connectivity. My work pulls together unlikely elements to express diminishing divides between nature and technology and the human in between. 

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